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We get asked quite a bit, what happens if your property does not appraise at value? We recently sold a home for a dear friend of ours in La Mesa and that is exactly what happened. Here's the story... This home is a unique property in the area for a couple reasons. First, it has been beautifully refinished to an updated mid-century modern style. Second, the location and size of lot were unique compared to homes in the area. We anticipated that we would need to draw as much attention to the property as possible and we may potentially have an issue with appraising at value due to the uniqueness of this property.

When looking at comparable properties, we knew we needed to be very strategic in our pricing. Our goal was to sell for around $660,000 and

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Should I stage my home? We get this question asked quite frequently and our answer is, it depends! We believe that creating the best first impression will sell your home faster and for more money.  So whether that involves professional staging, renovations, or a quick decluttering, we are here to help. Here at the Seaman Team, we want you to be proud of your home when it hits the market. We will provide an in home consultation, professional photography for every listing, and a custom tailored plan to meet your needs.

Check out some of our before and after photos:







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It may feel overwhelming to prepare your home for sale. As we say over here, you only get one chance for first impressions. Don't let this process overwhelm you... instead get excited thinking about how your hard work will pay off! We strive to put more dollars in our clients' hands and spend time preparing all our listings before they hit the market. Whether it's fresh paint, a quick clean up, and/or staging, we are here to make the proper recommendations to improve your bottom line.

Here's a checklist you may refer to if you're thinking about selling your home.  We would also love the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss the best course of action. When you work with us, you are not alone! We help you from start to finish and we have

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You get one chance for First Impressions. How you prepare your home for sale makes an impact to your bottom line. Here at The Seaman Team, we take time and value into consideration when advising our clients. Each property is unique with it's own set of needs. 


We recently sold a property on Windcrest Lane that is situated on the closed Carmel Mountain Ranch golf course. You may think... "They must have had to drop their value to sell with that eyesore from their backyard." ... NOT TRUE! We sold the home for $46,000 ABOVE the competing agent's recommendation. 

Here were a few simple updates that were made to the home:

  • window washing and replaced a few windows with broken seals
  • installed new door handles
  • painted the interior
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Proposition 60/90 – San Diego Property Tax Relief for 55+

Proposition 60 – What is it?

A constitutional amendment passed by California voters that provides a one-time benefit for homeowners 55 and older to transfer the tax base of their principal residence upon sale to another principal place of residence of equal value. This can result in substantial property tax savings for the homeowner. Prop 60 refers to property tax transfers within the same county.

• The property being sold must be the homeowner’s principal place of residence – owner occupied.
• The property being sold must sell for at least what was paid for the replacement principal place of residence.
• One of the property owners must be at least 55 years old

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There are many useful benefits of using a 1031 Exchange to your advantage.  Who wants to pay more taxes to the government anyways.  Take a look at this great list of items you may not have considered before:


1. Appreciation

The number one reason why we invest in real estate is Appreciation.  Whether your asset has increased in value $50,000 or $5,000,000, 1031 Exchanges are a valuable tool to defer Federal and State capital gain taxes.  1031 Exchanges are often considered indefinite.  Many savvy investors utilize this section of the tax code to leverage their investments time and time again to defer taxes over extended periods of time.

2. Depreciation

Standard residential properties can be depreciated over a 27.5 year basis.  There are

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