What's the latest in your community? The Seaman Team helps break down how the latest community changes affect your property values.

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Our mid-term election is just around the corner... November 6th to be exact! While this isn't a presidential election there are many new measures and positions up for election. We don't claim ourselves to be political experts by any means. However, there are several real estate related measures and propositions on the ballot, specifically Prop 5, Prop 10, and National City's Measure W. What does this all mean and how can you make sense of it?

Brad recently went on AM 760 to break it all down for us. Check it out!

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Key Points & Time Markers:

  • 10:06 Prop 10 property rights and rent control: Prop 10 pertains to the Costa Hawkins act. It's been in place since 1995 to restrict rent control and restrict vacancy
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You get one chance for First Impressions. How you prepare your home for sale makes an impact to your bottom line. Here at The Seaman Team, we take time and value into consideration when advising our clients. Each property is unique with it's own set of needs. 


We recently sold a property on Windcrest Lane that is situated on the closed Carmel Mountain Ranch golf course. You may think... "They must have had to drop their value to sell with that eyesore from their backyard." ... NOT TRUE! We sold the home for $46,000 ABOVE the competing agent's recommendation. 

Here were a few simple updates that were made to the home:

  • window washing and replaced a few windows with broken seals
  • installed new door handles
  • painted the interior
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As of July 8th of this year, the Carmel Mountain Golf Course has closed.  There has been fencing put up all around the course, the water has been shut off and all maintenance has halted, which has become a real eyesore for the community.  We are reaching out to those residents who are living on and around the course to provide guidance on what is happening with the real estate market in the area.  We have the first single family home that has closed escrow on the course since the announcement of the closure in July and have actual experience in what the market is doing on the course.  There are approximately 670 homes that are situated directly on the course and we would love to help those who have questions or concerns.  

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